Donate this Christmas

There are lots of ways you can make an impact this holiday season!

christmas tree with lights and a fire in the distance

Nova Scotians are reaching out to us, and here are five ways you can provide support this season:

  1. Empower parents to create those moments of magic for their children with something special under the tree and dinner on the table through Hearts for Christmas.
  2. Contribute to our turkey fund and make sure everyone can enjoy that comforting, traditional meal. 
  3. Commit to providing support during the holidays and all year long by joining give12, our monthly donation program. Food insecurity is a 12-month-a-year crisis, and the best gifts are the ones that keep giving. 
  4. Purchase wine through Case of Compassion, our annual fundraiser with Bishop's Cellar. This hand-selected wine makes great gifts. The campaign launches November 10!
  5. Rally your coworkers, friends, and family to do a food drive or fundraiser. Doing good feels good, and what better way to lift the spirits of those around you!