Christmas support FAQ

Here are some questions people often have about accessing Christmas support in Halifax Regional Municipality.

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What are the ways I can register for support in Halifax Regional Municipality?

Register with an organization
Salvation Army: Starting Monday, October 23, you can register online or in person at 2038 Gottingen Street in Halifax. If you have questions, call 902-422-1598.

Parker Street: Starting Monday, October 2, you can register online or by visiting in person Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 12pm or between 1pm and 3pm. For more information, call 902-425-2125 and select option 1. 

There are over 40 other organizations in Halifax Regional Municipality that offer food and/or gift support for Christmas. If there is one you are familiar with, check with them about registering for support. 211 will also have information about organizations offering holiday food and gift support programs in your area. 

If you're unable to register directly with an organization, you can request to be matched with an organization for your support. Support cannot be guaranteed, but as long as organizations have resources available, every effort will be made to match your request. 

Starting Wednesday, November 1, requests can be submitted online:

Starting Wednesday, November 8, requests can be submitted over the phone by calling 902-457-2849 and staff will be available 9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday. 

You can submit your request through the mail by sending it to the address below. Mailed-in requests will be processed starting November 1.

Christmas Program c/o Feed Nova Scotia
PO Box 9198 Station A
Halifax, NS  B3K 5M8

What support is available?
Most organizations that participate in the Christmas Registry program provide food for holiday meals and gifts for children. Individual organizations can provide you with more information about what kinds of support they offer when you register. 

Are there deadlines for registration?
Individual organizations will have their own registration deadlines, but generally the sooner you register, the better! Deadlines for submitting a request to be matched with an organization are:

November 21: Deadline for gift support
December 15: Deadline for food support

The deadline to apply for gift support through the Christmas Registry has now passed. Christmas programs are often volunteer run and donation based. Deadlines are needed to manage limited resources.

If you require gift support, individual organizations will have their own deadlines. You can reach out to organizations in your community that may be able to support gift requests, such as churches or toy drives. To find a list of resources that may be available in your area, contact 211. We are still accepting registrations for food support.

How likely is it that I will get support?
For the past two years we’ve been able to provide support to 90% of the households that requested it. When you register directly with an organization, they will likely be able to let you know right away whether or not they can support you. The key is to register as soon as you can and to make sure that we always have your current contact information. 

Should I register more than once each Christmas season?
Each household will receive support once, regardless of how many registrations they submit, and it won’t increase your chances of getting support. In fact, submitting multiple registrations will cause delays in processing.

For the purposes of registration, who is considered to be part of my ‘household’?
When it comes to Christmas support, your household consists of you and anyone who is living with you on a regular basis. Your household doesn’t include extended family that are normally living elsewhere. They can and should register for Christmas support for themselves separately.

Can I register someone else for their own support?
While intentions are good, there are significant privacy considerations when it comes to providing someone's personal information to an organization without their explicit consent. You should only register for your own household or if someone has clearly requested you do so on their behalf. 

When will I hear back about getting support?
Most organizations will be contacting people by early to mid-December. If you have questions about your support, contact the organization you registered with or call 902-457-2849. Organizations may use any of the contact information you provided when you register, so you may get a phone call, voicemail, email, or text. If you contact information changes, be sure to let the organization you registered with know.

How will I be contacted about my support?
Organizations may use any of the contact information you provided when you register, so you may get a phone call, voicemail, email, or text. If you contact information changes, be sure to let the organization you registered with know. 

What should I do if my address or phone number changes?
Be sure to notify the organization you registered with as soon as you can. Alternatively, you can call 902-457-2849 or submit an information update form

Who is eligible for support?
Generally, anyone living in Halifax Regional Municipality who self-identifies need for support with food or gifts for the holidays will be eligible. Some organizations may have other requirements, such as living in a certain geographic area, supporting only households with children, or needing to have incomes under certain amounts. If you are having trouble finding an organization that you can register with, call 211. 

What if I need my support delivered?
211 will have information about what the organizations are able to deliver, but many organizations could arrange to help with transportation or delivery, so it's worth asking when you register. Many organizations will also accommodate having a friend, family member, or someone else pick up support on your behalf. 

Is support available for other cultural and religious holidays or just Christmas?
We know Nova Scotia is a diverse province, and there are a lot of holidays where food plays an important and special role in bringing people together to celebrate. Some of our member food banks and meal programs provide support for other important times of the year—like Ramadan, for example. Working toward increasing equitable access to food support every day of the year is a critical part of our work, but it takes time and significant collaboration with community. Some organizations that participate in the HRM Christmas program could provide you with information about other ways or occasions they may offer support for. 

Can I receive support if I don’t celebrate Christmas?
Yes, absolutely. You can register and receive support even if you don't celebrate Christmas, however, many organizations will be providing foods for a "traditional" Christmas meal. 

I need food right now. What should I do?
Call 211 or visit to learn more about available food support options in your community.