2018 Pumpkin Handout

2018 Bryant Realty Pumpkin Fundraiser

On Saturday October 13th, a team of Bryant Realty agents will be setting up at five grocery store locations in the HRM. At the event, agents will be on hand to receive food and cash donations to Feed Nova Scotia and in return, will provide a free pumpkin to those kind enough to donate.

We will be on location from 11:00 to 2:30 PM or while pumpkin supplies last.

Chris and Joelle Perkins - Barrington Superstore
David Bleakney and Angie Bryant - Larry Utek Sobeys
Peter Cody-Cox - Portland Street Superstore
Ron Bryant and Cait Banks - Braemar Superstore
Breahannah Hopegood and Kylah McNutt - Spryfield Sobeys

Company Name: 
Bryant Realty Atlantic