Good Food Deserves to be Shared

Do you love to give consumable gifts, especially those that give back to the community in some way? These collections do just that, AND help the receiver eat well. Now there’s a WIN WIN!

How can YOU help?

SPONSOR a collection of your choice, which will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia, AND they will also receive 40% of the purchase price in CASH!

Cost of collections – Weeknight Dinners $20

Healthy Desserts $20

Extraordinary Trio $25

PURCHASE one or more collections for yourself, and Feed Nova Scotia will receive 40% back in CASH which they can invest in their valuable initiatives

COLLECT orders yourself by connecting with Leanne for an envelope, and passing it around the office, or share with family and friends to see who else might like to support Feed Nova Scotia. Fill it up, and she would be happy to deliver your group’s orders personally!

Company Name: 
Leanne Penney, with Epicure