Hearts for Christmas

Helping families put gifts under the tree, dinner on the table, and smiles all around.

Girl holding present by Christmas tree

Nothing beats the excited feeling of a child waking up to find gifts under the tree on Christmas morning—except, of course, the happiness a parent feels to see that excitement on their child’s face before putting a festive dinner on the table.

You can help families create moments like these.

For the last four Christmases a quiet campaign has brought joy to thousands of homes in our community—helping make sure every family in HRM that reached out for Christmas food and gift support had the opportunity to receive it. Last year was a milestone, as we witnessed our community give with such incredible kindness that we were able to support 2,038 children—up 10% from the previous year and up 46% from two years earlier.

It happened through the generosity of people like you—people who joined hearts with their families, friends, and colleagues in a very special way so that others were able to share in the joy of the season.

How does it work?

Hearts for Christmas is a Feed Nova Scotia campaign rooted in the belief that every child should have the opportunity to find a little something under the tree on Christmas morning, and every parent should know the joy of picking out that special gift for their child.

Families in need of support are matched (anonymously) with people and businesses who want to get involved as a sponsor. Sponsors make a monetary donation proportionate to the number of families/children they’d like to support. Feed Nova Scotia buys gift cards for each child in the home that's being sponsored; secures and packs up all the food for a festive Christmas dinner for the family (turkey, cranberries, potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, onions, apples and pie); and arranges delivery to the family’s home.

There’s no need for shopping on the sponsor’s part. Families get support in a confidential and dignified way. Sponsors feel the warmth that comes with giving, and parents get to know the joy of choosing that special gift for their child.

Printable sponsor form
Printable collection sheet

Will you help spread joy this Christmas?

As you consider your holiday gift-giving plans, we invite you to be among those who bring Hearts for Christmas to life. When you’re ready to participate, you can call-in, drop-in, or donate at the link below to support the family size for your budget. We’re hoping to have a strong indication of our sponsor commitments by late November (with funds in hand by December 7), so we can start matching families and distributing hampers and gift cards as soon as possible.

If you’d like to talk further, call 902-457-1900 and ask for Karen Theriault or another member of the development team. Or reach out by email at ktheriault@feednovascotia.ca.