Hunger Action Month - Week One

Far too many Canadians face the challenges of food insecurity every day. Hunger Action Month is a nation-wide campaign in September to spread the word, take action, and dedicate ourselves to finding a solution. Alongside Food Banks Canada and our friends at provincial associations and food banks across the country, we’re asking people to engage weekly in four ways by: Educating, Advocating, Volunteering and Donating

Hunger action month logo

First up…

Week 1: Educate

Before we can push for change, we need to understand how food insecurity is affecting the people around us in our communities. We need to learn more about the support we have in place, what’s still needed, and what role we can all play to make it happen.

This week, take some time to educate yourself and someone else. Here are two ways you can:

1. Walk in someone else’s shoes through Food Banks Canada’s Impossible Choices tool. When you’re finished, share it on your social media pages using #HungerActionMonth and encourage others to do the same.

2. Take a deep dive into the local status quo by reading this in-depth article in The Walrus. Forward it on to someone else, post it on your social media, and let us know what surprised you most or had the biggest impact. Don’t forget to tag us!

Are there other ways you’re working to increase food security in your community? We’d love to know. Connect with us on social media or reach out by email to

We’ll be posting quick things you can do during each week to be part of the collective effort, so check back, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see more.