We all have a role to play to increase food security. Wondering what you can do? Here are a few ways to get started.


  • Invest time in learning about food insecurity. There is no shortage of information out there. 
  • Challenge the assumptions you and other people have about those who are food insecure. Lead with kindness and empathy. 
  • Share what you learn and engage people in conversation. We all need to own this problem because it impacts everyone. 
  • Acknowledge that food is not the solution to food insecurity. Food support is critical to meeting the immediate need for food, but only bold policy intervention will create lasting change. 
  • Show our elected officials that food insecurity is a priority for you and for the health of neighbours and communities, and hold them accountable for leading the change. 


  • Reach out to another community group and work together.
  • Acknowledge the small steps—we won’t leap out of this problem.
  • Share the impact stories of your support.
  • Don’t let the drive to get it right every time get in the way of doing something good.


  • Provide adequate health benefits, daycare services, and mental health support for your employees.
  • Push yourself to provide the best wages you can.
  • Increase the minimum number of hours you provide employees.
  • Use your position to influence social policy and support community action.


  • Push for programs and policies that support all constituents.
  • Increase Income Assistance levels, especially for single individuals and couples without children.
  • Develop policies and actions based on evidence and measurable results.