Hunger Action Month

If we all take action, we'll be too big to ignore.

September is Hunger Action Month, a national campaign organized by Food Banks Canada to raise awareness and encourage Canadians to take action in four key ways: Educate, advocate, volunteer, and donate. 

We've got 30 days to make a difference and no shortage of ways for you to get involved. Take a look at our ideas for action and commit to doing one. Imagine if we all did this? Hunger and poverty are too big to ignore and so is our collective ability to create change. We want to hear what you're up to, so share your actions on social media using #HungerActionMonth or send us an email!

Ideas for action




  • Contact your MLA, MP, and councillor and find out what they're doing to prioritize poverty reduction.
  • Contribute your voice to Feed Nova Scotia's blog. We're always looking for new perspectives!
  • Share your story or help someone else share their story about food insecurity.
  • Check in with people in your life who provide front-line support. 
  • Advocate for a national food policy that includes Food Secure Canada’s 5 big ideas for a better food system
  • If you're an employer, provide a living wage for your employees. 
  • Stand up and speak out about poverty and food insecurity in your community. Do so with friends, family, elected representatives, and employers.
  • Support the call for the right to housing to be embedded in Canada's National Housing Strategy legislation. 
  • Remember that everyone has a story and greet everyone with compassion and understanding. Believe people when they tell you their story.
  • Advocate for better transportation services in your community.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about hunger and poverty.
  • Support Nova Scotian farmers.
  • Support lived experience experts to participate in decision making.



  • Volunteer at Feed Nova Scotia, a food bank or meal program in your community, or another organization you're passionate about.
  • If you live in the Halifax region, find out more about the Mobile Food Market and volunteer in your community
  • Are you passionate about reducing food waste? Connect with FOUND
  • Organize a group to provide a meal for a local shelter or soup kitchen. 



  • Donate vegetables from your garden to Feed Nova Scotia or a local food bank.
  • Check with a shelter in your community and see what they currently need. Provide it if you can, or share that message with someone who can help out. 
  • Set up a monthly donation to Feed Nova Scotia to provide support all year long. 
  • Host a potluck for Nova Scotia's Biggest Potluck on September 21 & 22
  • Do a food drive

If you've got ideas to add to our list, we'd love to hear them! Get in touch

Here are some tools to help you spread the word about Hunger Action Month:

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