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Food bank use remains at unacceptably high levels. While food banks are finding new and innovative ways to provide healthy, nutritious food and a wide variety of services to support those they serve, only long-term policy solutions can address the root causes of hunger in Canada.

According to HungerCount, a national survey compiled by Food Banks Canada, Nova Scotians visited food banks 25,629 times in March 2019. While this is down 0.9% from March 2018, the number of people making those visits (23,290 distinct individuals) is up 5% over last March, and consistent with record numbers seen in March 2016.

Children are still overrepresented, making up 30% of those accessing support. Single adults are also a serious concern. They represent 43% of those visiting a food bank, but only 33% of the population in Nova Scotia.

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HungerCount 2019

HungerCount 2019: Nova Scotia Statistics