Supporting our neighbours

Quiet acts of kindness make our communities thrive. What kindness will you show this fall?

If the news was filled with the acts of kindness that make our communities thrive, the headlines might look like this: Local gardener donates forty pounds of summer tomato crop to share the harvest. Senior knits mittens each fall for homeless shelter to provide comfort and warmth. Or... Nova Scotians show big heart at a young age.


We loved meeting the two nine year olds in these photos. Jola, on the far left, baked and sold cookies in his neighbourhood as a way to connect with his community, and raised $176 for Feed Nova Scotia. He says it's one of the greatest experiences he's had since his family arrived in Canada. Dawson, on the right, has been asking friends and neighbours to support his fundraising efforts for over four years. Each time, he carefully takes the money collected and goes grocery shopping, ensuring he gets the best food he can. This time he brought in 780 kilograms.

These stories don't always get much attention, but quiet acts of kindness like these are the backbone of our communities.

This fall, we hope you'll join Jola and Dawson in supporting your neighbours. Your gift provides comfort and nourishment for those who struggle with food insecurity, and helps us push for meaningful change so no one has to rely on charity.