Food is not the solution to food insecurity.

But people need support today. Knowing this, we collect and distribute approximately three million kilograms of food annually to 140 member food banks, meal programs, and shelters across the province. We also support our member agencies as they build capacity to serve their communities. While we help Nova Scotians meet a very basic need, we're raising awareness of the root causes of food insecurity--things like systemic racism, low wages, inadequate income support, and unaffordable housing. And we're advocating for sustainable, policy-based solutions that will allow everyone to live a life of dignity and leave no one relying on charitable band-aids to address human rights.  


We first opened our doors in 1984 as the Metro Food Bank Society, with the mandate to provide emergency food relief within Metro Halifax. The volunteer staff served 12 member food banks and meal programs. In 2002, at the request of our member agencies, Metro Food Bank Society became the umbrella organization for food banks across the province. In 2005, we rebranded as Feed Nova Scotia.

After over 30 years in operation, and now supporting 140 member agencies, we recognize the need is growing and we can’t feed our way out of it. While we continue to address food insecurity by supplying emergency food support, we're also working to find long-term solutions to hunger and poverty in Nova Scotia.

A province where everyone has the ability to choose and access the food they want and need.

Achieve food sovereignty and food justice to advance social equity.

We partner to create systemic changes, while responding to the immediate need for dignified, secure, and just access to food.


Access Feed Nova Scotia's charity listing and T3010 returns on the Canada Revenue Agency website.