Burger Week is back

giant inflatable hamburger sitting in grand parade in halifax

We’re getting excited for the 2021 Halifax Burger Week promotion from The Coast. In the last eight years, the event has raised over $560,000 to support our cause.

We know the mammoth effort this takes by everyone involved, and it’s no secret this has been an exceptionally difficult time for the hospitality industry.  When the pandemic hit in 2020 and restaurants closed their doors, they showed up at ours to donate food so it wouldn’t go to waste. That was heartbreaking to see. We know it has been an uphill battle ever since, and restaurant staff will benefit from extra kindness and patience as they help keep us all safe with new proof-of-vaccine policies.

Heading into Burger Week 2021 with the continued support of The Coast and participating restaurants is monumental. We don’t take it lightly. The event will bring people together for a meal and give them something to smile about. And funds raised will allow us to do the same for thousands of Nova Scotians.

Cheers to another year, and here’s to the restaurants, The Coast, and all the patrons who love this event as much as we do.

Here are five ways those burgers make a big difference:

Distributing food
First and foremost, Burger Week funds allow us to continue distributing donated food to our member network of 140 food banks, meal programs, and shelters across the province. Last year, we distributed $16.9 million worth of food, and 50% was perishable items like fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Purchasing food
We’re especially excited to commit a significant amount of our resources to targeted food purchases like eggs and milk this year, knowing these healthy staples are often out of reach for our member food banks and the people they support.

Distributing money and gift cards
Sometimes, the best way we can help our member agencies is by providing resources so they can quickly get what they need in the moment. In that spirit, last year we distributed to our member agencies cheques totaling over $1.3 million and $278,500 in gift cards, and good things have happened. And this fall, we’ll provide $50,000 to help member agencies build capacity to support their neighbours.

By reaching people at home
When COVID-19 hit, we introduced a short-term home delivery service to provide food support for those who can’t get to a food bank or other food support program. Through a combination of volunteer drivers and courier, we’ve provided over 34,000 food boxes to over 6,000 households.

By speaking out
Your gift fuels our ability to push for long-term change. People need food today, but people aren’t food insecure because they don’t have enough food. It’s because they don’t have enough income, and so many factors contribute—things like systemic racism, inadequate wages, the high cost of daycare and housing, and physical and mental health challenges. Your support gives us a voice to help educate others and collaborate to find solutions.