Community - A Global Concept

A UPS employee sorts food in the Feed Nova Scotia warehouse

Community - A Global Concept
Guest blog submission by Shannon Wetmore, Area Sales Manager for UPS and Feed Nova Scotia volunteer

Community...we all have one.  It is the place I call home.  It is the place where I feel the safest.  It is the place where things can go wrong.  It is the place where I go to make things right. It is the place that survives only when everyone believes in a better life.  It is a place with a lot of suffering.  It is a place with a lot of hope.  It is place where we all long to belong.  It is a place where I want to stay awhile, so I can live, laugh and love.  It is a GLOBAL platform of possibilities.

My Community grows every day.  Each person I intersect with gives me insight.  It carries me forward.  I have yet to meet someone without wisdom to share.  It could be rooted in their story, their pain, their challenges. It could be expressed in their triumphs, passions and attitudes towards their life.  We all have a story and my community has stories that extend beyond borders.  Community is the ultimate human experience.

Community requires a commitment.  You can't grow it if you stay behind closed doors and have closed minds.  Community forces you to see things in a different light.  This light is so bright it can penetrate the skin, and warm the coldest heart and spirit.

Community is where one person can make a difference, but will never overshadow another person's contributions.  Communities strive to have perfect harmony and refuse to give up. Community does not discriminate on how little or how much you contribute.  Community is simply grateful for whatever can be done.  Community thrives on positive action through adversity and lives for moments of revolutionary change.

Community seeks your passion for life.  Community seeks your motivation. Community is an outlet to express yourself, so you can grow, and grow and grow.


A GLOBAL COMMUNITY full of compassion, gratitude and love...