Government support for vulnerable Nova Scotians

Yesterday the provincial government announced a $1 million contribution to Feed Nova Scotia. We appreciate this support and we will distribute this among our 140 member food banks, meal programs, and shelters who continue to provide immediate food assistance to thousands of Nova Scotians whose lives are devastated by multiple systems that are failing them.

Moreso, we are encouraged that the largest share of yesterday’s announcement is about getting money directly to low-income households.

Knowing Nova Scotians on Income Assistance are disproportionately impacted by food insecurity, we were pleased to see they will be receiving a one-time payment of $150.

Eligible recipients of the heating rebate will also benefit from a one-time payment of $150. The income threshold to qualify for the heating rebate program is $29,000 for single-income households and $44,000 for family-income households.

While immediate help is necessary, and will have a short-term impact, we hope the forthcoming budget will show a government that is committed to investing in long-term, sustainable solutions.