Our New Website Launch!

So, what do you think? Do you remember our previous site? Could you even see our previous site on your smartphone? Yeah, it was more than time! Tell you what else we’d like to call time on, apathy for food insecurity for Nova Scotia. Thanks to our friends at Trampoline for our new web presence, we’re hoping to engage more people with our efforts to call attention to a 21% increase in food bank usage in Nova Scotia. Right now, food insecurity in NS needs to raise more than eyebrows. It needs to raise voices. Things need to change and quickly.  

When we sent out the website request for proposal, our former website was in its 8th year. (Yikes!) We had terrific responses. Trampoline took it one step further with a Godfather style, ‘offer we couldn’t refuse’. But the best part is, Mark and his team did it because they knew they truly understood and empathized with our cause. There is no doubt in our minds at Feed Nova Scotia, that the team at Trampoline is putting their time and talents where their mouth is when they say they want to “Be A Force for Positive Change in Nova Scotia”.  

We couldn’t possibly have this vibrant new website and the active organization we have without the support of our donors and volunteers. (You can see their positive impact in photos all over the website!) Knowing there are people willing us to succeed in our mission to feed Nova Scotians in need and reduce that need, gives us the means and the hope to push for change. Thanks to Trampoline and all who are working with us, and welcome to those ready to raise a voice and be a force for change. 

If you’re interested in guest blogging or contributing to our blog, please send us an email to website@feednovascotia.ca