Thanks for the memories, Bedford Highway!

Next Tuesday we’ll open the doors to our new home in Burnside. But before we close this Bedford Highway chapter of our history, we want to reflect on where we’ve been.

In 19 years at this location, we’ve supported thousands of Nova Scotians through our network of food banks and meal programs. Although we don’t provide direct service here, Nova Scotians in a tough spot have shown up at our doors or reached out by phone. If our walls could talk, they’d tell stories of brave people from all walks of life who’ve come up against the toughest of struggles.

In our time here, we’ve watched the number of Nova Scotians relying on support increase. We’ve seen people further challenged by winter storms, a transit strike, and the rising cost of food and utilities. When you’re struggling with hunger, life can so easily tip the scales from really bad to much, much worse. We’ve felt our own anxiety heighten as our shelves depleted.

But for every tough memory, there are countless memories of support. Any time someone picked up the phone to reach out for help, someone else walked through our doors with a donation.

Through rough waters, we’ve always been buoyed by community compassion and generosity. Any time we put out a call for help, Nova Scotians have responded with overwhelmingly big hearts.

If our walls could talk, they’d also tell thousands of stories of giving—stories that highlight the very best of who we are as human beings and what it means to be there for one another.

It’s been an honour to meet everyone who came through the doors of 213 Bedford Highway. We’ve been humbled, motivated, and enriched by the memories we’ve made. We’re packing them up safely and taking them with us across the harbour.

And we can’t wait to make new ones together.  

See you in Burnside.