Thank you

We’re thrilled to welcome you to give12, a monthly donation program made up of thoughtful, generous donors whom we count among our most loyal.

You make our work possible, and we thank you for recognizing that Nova Scotians struggling with hunger need our help in every season. 

Each month, you’ll play a critical role in our ability to distribute donated food across the province. And because of that, someone will be met with support when they make that difficult first step to reach out for help. It might be a single mom in Sydney who recently lost her job, or a senior in Truro whose pension doesn’t stretch far enough. It could be someone on your street. Together, we’ll be there to make a difference.

Not only does your gift provide food for today, it fuels our efforts to reduce the need for support and create sustainable change in Nova Scotia. Read more about being an advocate, or see our members in action as they go beyond food to help people in their communities.

Thanks again for joining give12. And don’t forget, you can adjust your gift at any time—just get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.