Thank You

Your donation today means food, comfort and opportunity for Nova Scotians who struggle with hunger.

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Thank you for your gift! We are heartened and grateful for the response that we are seeing, (and hope to continue seeing) during this shared challenge. Before the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 42,000 Nova Scotians facing food insecurity; that number was too high. In these uncertain times, we’re truly encouraged by the spirit of giving by many people just like you, and we hope you’ll continue to think of supporting your community in the days to come. What this has shown us is that if we don’t take care of our most vulnerable, we are all vulnerable—and thank goodness Nova Scotia is a place where we look after our neighbours.

In the days before the pandemic, Feed Nova Scotia supported a membership of 141 food banks, meal programs and shelters; some have had to make the hard and wise decision to close their doors temporarily, while others have been able to make operational changes to support a new way of providing access to food. What hasn’t changed is our resolve to help people as they face personal crisis from financial impacts, and with this kind of compassionate support, we can continue to do this.

The safety of our stakeholders is a priority and we’re taking precautions to ensure our entire operation is working to the guidelines of Nova Scotia Public Health and Wellness. Before COVID-19, we were distributing $1 million dollars of donated food every month. Now that we’re facing an increased need, we have requirements to augment our normal operations.

Thank you for being one of many beacons of hope for our province. Never doubt that people are profoundly grateful for the humanity you share when you give to see others through. You are bringing your best self to your community—in times like these that’s exactly what’s needed, and we thank you unreservedly for this.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Nick Jennery
Executive Director


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Again, thanks for your gift. We simply couldn’t do it without you.