Thank You

Your donation today means food, comfort and opportunity for Nova Scotians who struggle with hunger.

Whether you’re responding to a specific appeal, or something else prompted you to think of a neighbour in need, we’re so grateful for your gift. 

At least 42,000 Nova Scotians access food support through our network of food banks and meal programs each year. It might be a single dad in Amherst working two jobs, or a young woman in Dartmouth fleeing an abusive situation. The circumstances that lead people to a food bank are unique, but together we’ll be there to make a difference. 

While you’re on our site, we hope you’ll learn more about the work we do through your support. See our members in action, watch our stories, or learn how you can be an advocate for long-term change.

Again, thanks for your gift. We simply couldn’t do it without you.