Thanksgiving Appeal

As Nova Scotians, we take care of each other. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re calling on you to show some of that kindness with a special gift to make sure vulnerable families and individuals have critical food support this fall.

Brown leaf with a heart shape cut out of it

The need is more pressing than usual. You might have heard in the news recently that our non-perishable food supply is low and we need to get things back to a reliable level.

As a charity, sometimes we need to take a leap of faith, hoping that people will come through for us. And we did that recently, by placing a bulk order of non-perishable fruit, vegetables, and protein-rich items to ensure there’s no gap in support. Our goal now is to raise $64,000 to support the purchase and to give us the flexibility we need to replenish other key categories in the coming weeks.

We hope you’ll consider a gift to our Thanksgiving Appeal to help make it happen.