Atlantic Digital

Photo of John Day

Time and time again we're blown away by the incredible generosity of our community. Sometimes it's gifts that come in when we least expect them; other times it's the enduring support that comes from a long-time partner, and there's no better example of this than Atlantic Digital. For years they've donated in-kind printing services to help raise food, funds and awareness. Signage, flyers, annual reports—the list is endless and the value is significant.

Fuelling their support is a whole lot of heart and a deep belief in the cause, starting with the owner, John Day. "I was raised in my teen years in subsidized housing, and I know all too well how challenging it is to live from pay cheque to pay cheque," he said. "I saw how difficult it was to make ends meet for people on low incomes, never mind no income. I figure if we can all give a little, we can give a lot."