Growing green thumbs

Women cutting food on a counter

Nothing beats a delicious, fresh veggie during a Nova Scotia summer.

And now they’re a staple at the Glace Bay Food Bank Society, thanks to the ever-expanding garden in their backyard. With a little help from Food Banks Canada and Compass Group Canada, volunteer Kim MacPherson brought her vision of a community garden to life in 2015, and they’ve been harvesting the benefits ever since.

Beyond creating a sustainable source of fresh, healthy food for those who access support from the food bank, Kim sees the garden jumpstarting a new passion among the younger generation, and an opportunity to learn a valuable skill they can pass along to their children. 

“People are a lot happier, just having that fresh food, that nutrition,” Kim says. “It’s been a great pleasure to see them leave with smiles on their faces.”

Hear more from Kim about how they use the fresh food all year long and the impact the garden is having on members of the community.