You give the best gifts.

It was a holiday season of distanced exchanges, but we still felt the warmth of your smile over the phone, behind a mask, or from six feet apart. Your resolve to ensure Nova Scotians in need had food and felt supported by their community was stronger than ever, and as the trucks pull in from their last deliveries and we close our doors over the holidays, we know your generosity will be felt for weeks to come.

The last several months highlighted how quickly things can change for many of us, and how the distance between having food to eat and going without is short. It's a spot no one should be in, and in 2021 let's raise our voices even louder to fight for long-term solutions. And until we get there we will keep providing critical food support each day to Nova Scotians, from one end of the province to the other—because of you.

Wishing you the peace and hope you've given so many.