Marjorie & Aileen

Marjorie and Aileen

Marjorie and Aileen are a great duo! They enjoy working together and make a great volunteer team! Marjorie Swingler has been a volunteer deposit clerk with Feed Nova Scotia since 2012 and Aileen Fraser has been a volunteer since 2009! She started out as a volunteer receptionist for many years, before starting to help with deposits. Marjorie was a civil servant in the United Kingdom and volunteered with organizations such as the Mainland South Heritage Society and Meals on Wheels for over 20 years! Aileen was a registered nurse with the QEII and has volunteered with other causes such as The Heart for Life Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Halifax and was also a part of a medical team in Haiti. They are very punctual, reliable and PRICELESS volunteers! They never hesitate to pick up extra volunteer shifts during the busy Holiday season! Feed Nova Scotia’s cause is very important to Marjorie and Aileen, and so is being correct and concise, when it comes to their work. They are very valuable members of our volunteer team! We can always COUNT on them to get the job done!